Aadhaar card all in one ID card

Aadhaar card is going to be the all in one card. There is no necessity to take the pain of carrying all your documents for the sake of identification or getting your official work done. It is normally seen that all the official works need a bunch of documents for proof which is very clumsy to carry; and once if you have forgotten a single document then again you have to go back to get it and start all over again. Sometimes even getting the required documents becomes a headache because of factors like distance etc. and the work keeps on dragging on and on.
So now it can be used for availing many services easily like:
1: Wealth Management
2: Online Banking
3: Online Investment
4: Real Estate Finance
5: Personal Finance
6: Best Mutual Funds
7: Money Saving
The Aadhaar card is specifically for the benefit of providing the lower strata of Indians with an identity card so that they are not cheated or taken advantage by the middlemen.